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Our staff is comprised of passionate Coaches and Trainers that have achieved success at the highest level of sport. Our commitment and dedication are driven by the opportunity to interact and impact young people in an integrity filled environment where you have the opportunity to see your dreams realized.

We applaud the efforts and achievements of every individual that have put forth the investment to improve, develop and mature as young adults! Our staff and coaches have committed to the Core Values which Hoops City U was founded so many years ago.

Maintain Integrity
Every action must be conducted with sincerity and integrity. Honesty, transparency and loyalty are integral in our ability to mentor others. Doing the right thing and "switching roles" to see it from the customer's view is paramount.

Embrace Challenge
Our game is ever evolving. The style, philosophy and skill components are very different today than even 5 years ago. We embrace every change which creates it own challenge

Exceed Expectations
Go beyond the level of the norm, be efficient but always over deliver

Honor Every Relationship
We are entrusted with mentoring the most treasured gift…..children. Earn and value their trust

Visionary to Change
Set the level for others to aspire toward. Implement new, innovative measures to enhance the brand and impact the results of our clientele

Be Loyal
Value strong relationships with co-workers, clients and families in all aspects and opportunities that manifest itself

Gary Workman

Phone: 919-474-2400

Gary Workman, Vice President/General Manager Hoops City U

Gary Workman brings a wealth of sports management experience to Hoops City U having worked as a Field Manager/Network Engineer for 16 years coupled with coaching high school basketball for 5 years.  At Hoops City, he will oversee all administrative functions including marketing, client services and the management of all programs. Gary's experiences include numerous international endeavors, including leading mission  teams to China, Kenya and Greece. He earned his BS Degree in Business Administration (1986) and BS Degree in Economics (1993) from North Carolina State University. He currently resides in Raleigh with his wife Lisa and has 3 children Sarah (29), Steven (27) and Becca (24).

Michko Massago
NBA Skills Trainer

Michko is entering his 4th year training with the Team Carolina Program. Coach Mich is widely regarded as one of the premier trainers in the southeast, and currently conducts training sessions for multiple NBA and EuroLeague Professional Athletes including being the preferred trainer for NBA 1st round pick TJ Warren.

Michko is sought after on a national & international basis from professional players because of his unique approach to skills training. He is known for combining intense basketball training with a comprehensive cardio workout.

A former professional player overseas, Michko brings his own unique training methods to impact each player.