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Hoops City U Training Programs

The Hoops City Way - Teaching, Training & Mentoring

Our Curriculum

With the implementation of many NBA National and International Trainers and Instructors, Hoops City U has adopted philosophical, tactical, and curriculum-based elements that impact development. The training techniques that we use with our pro players have been broken down into a progression to show players exactly the steps they need to take to improve on a regular basis. We do not "make it up as we go" as some programs tend to do. In other words, we truly do what we say: We train "U" like the PROS!



Our Levels

Depending on the ages and skill levels of players, levels must be distinguished to find success. A player needs to start at point A if they are going to be prepared for point B, and must pass through point B before being tested with point C. The trick, however, is having levels predetermined and planned to give each player exactly what they need to continue their progress. That is why Hoops City U has chosen to segment training programs into two main levels.

These levels are based upon the participants grade and previous playing experience. Our goal is to find the right fit for your athlete so they can grow and develop appropriately. Skill level, of course, must always be taken into account when deciding which program and which level is best suited for each player, no matter their age and grade!



Our Honest Evaluation

Self-Assessment and self awareness are paramount elements to finding success at the collegiate and professional level. Since the majority of our basketball students have set their eyes and their goals on college and the pros, we find it most important that we treat them like college and professional players. At Hoops City U, we train every player like a pro, using advanced training methods that demand each athlete to get outside their comfort zone and embrace making mistakes along the way! However, since we can not expect elementary, middle school, and high school players to be masters of self-assessment and self-awareness, it is our duty as professional skill coaches to assess and evaluate each player in order to keep them on the path needed to find the success they are looking for.

That is why our pro training staff works together to give program recommendations and skill assessments to each participant at the close of each program. Honesty is the key, as each athlete will be given three program recommendations in order of need (even if that means retaking a program) and will be shown the three main skill areas they most need to improve.